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HKAGE Leave Application Form

Tutorial assignment for Phase I   

*** Inclement Weather Arrangement for Student Programmes/Activities ***

*** 惡劣天氣下學生課程/活動的安排 ***

Date Announcements
18/08/2017 Further materials have been added to notes for Lecture 5 - 6.
Assignment 6 with solution is now online.
Tutorial 6 with solution is now online.
16/08/2017 Contents for Lecture 4 and 5 have been updated.
Supplementary notes for Lecture 4 have been uploaded.
Lecture 06 will be a continued discussion from Lecture 05 (i.e. No new set of notes for Lecture 6).
14/08/2017 Solutions for Assignment 4 and 5 are now online.
12/08/2017 Notes for Lecture 5 are now online.
11/08/2017 Solutions for Assignment 1 - 3 are now online.
Tutorial 5 and Assignment 5 questions are now online.
Solutions for Assignment 4 will be coming soon ...
05/08/2017 Notes for Lecture 4 are now online.
04/08/2017 Assignment 3 and Tutorial 3 are now available. The HKAGE Leave Application Form is also now available to download in this website.
28/07/2017 Notes for Lecture 3 are now available.
28/07/2017 Tutorial 3 and Assignment 3 are now available in 'Teaching Materials' portion of the website.

Please note that you do not need to hand-in the assignments, as they are designed to be done at home and during the tutorial sessions at your own pace. The assignments will not be graded and the solutions will be provided, as soon as they are available.
21/07/2017 For Tutorial Group 3 students only:
You probably aware that Dr Stephen Choy will be away tomorrow, as he is currently part of the IPhO 2017 team. 
If Dr Choy has already got plans for you all, please ignore this.
If not, please continue reading ...
1. Please sign the attendance sheet that has been placed in the Group 3 tutorial room as usual.
2. Collect the PEP assignment questions and the 'Extra questions' sheet, in case you have done the assignment questions already. These sheets will be placed next to the attendance sheet.
3. Feel free to go to either the Group 1 or Group 2 tutorial room. Group 1 is located in Room 2302 and Group 2 is located in Room 2306.
Of course, please feel free to take part in the Group 1 / Group 2 tutorials if you find the worksheets boring or not challenging enough for you.
Group 1 and Group 2 tutorial will cover mulivariable calculus (integration).
20/07/2017 As some of you have experienced problems in downloading the Powerpoint files. All materials have now been converted to pdf files. You may download them through the usual channels. Notes for Lecture 2 are now available.
20/07/2017 Tutorial 2 and Assignment 2 are now available in 'Teaching Materials' portion of the website. Please use the user name and password given to access them.
15/07/2017 Lecture 1 is now available to download.
13/07/2017 Tutorial 1 and Assignment 1 are now available in 'Teaching Materials' portion of the website. Please use the user name and password given to access them.
Each student has been assigned to a tutorial group for the afternoon sessions. Please click on the link 'Tutorial assignment for Phase I' above for more details. The location for each tutorial venue is clearly shown on the training schedule.

** For those who have applied for Phase I attendance exemption may choose to ignore this for now. **
Phase I training schedule for 2017 - 2018 has now been uploaded as above, with the maps showing you all how to get to these venues.

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Organized by: EMB, Physics Society of HK and HKUST.